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Dusseldorf Airport Transfers & Taxis

Taxi Transfers at Düsseldorf Airport are available at taxi ranks located outside the arrivals area of the airport. For traveling to the main train station or to the Dusseldorf City Centre, the taxi usually takes 20 Euros. The travel time for either of these locations is 15 minutes.

Different sizes of Mercedes Benz Vehicles are mostly used as taxi throughout Germany. With black and yellow sign board fixed at car roof, taxis operated by most of Germany’s taxi operators are of cream color. People carrier or minivans are available for families or group of passengers. Taxi transfers at Dusseldorf Airport are very safe to travel by. Germany has heavily regulated the taxi industry. Initially, the taxi fare is charged as 2 to 3 Euros after which approximately 1 Euro is calculated for each km travelled by the meter.

All taxis clearly display the meters, permits and licenses. Being open for negotiations, the fare charged for longer journeys can be lower. But the travel time of day or night can also make a difference between the taxi fares. It is recommended that at the taxi rank the first taxi waiting in queue should be used by the passengers. But the passenger is also free to deal with any of the taxi waiting at the taxi rank. The taxi phone can also be used to call the central taxi reservation desk in case there is no taxi available at the taxi rank.

As a normal practice, passengers can give some percentage of the total fare as tip to the taxi driver as in Germany most of taxi drivers are always very friendly and helpful in loading and unloading of luggage. The passengers can tip the taxi driver depending upon their own situation as paying tip to the taxi driver is not a strict rule.