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Dusseldorf Tourist Attractions

The close proximity of all main tourist attractions of Dusseldorf Area is considered to be a great advantage of the Dusseldorf Airport. This advantage has made the Dusseldorf Airport a gateway to the Dusseldorf City for long weekend trips. Easy, affordable and reliable transport options such as car hire, taxi, buses, mainline and metro trains play a vital role in enabling the tourists to reach the nearby attractions/places to see near the Dusseldorf Airport. The availability of such transport options make the tourists totally tension free as they don’t have to worry about getting to one place from another. These transport options also helps the tourist in getting back to the Dusseldorf Airport well in time prior to their flight departure.

Known as one of the most trendy and popular destinations of Europe, the city of Dusseldorf is also a modern and vibrant city. A variety of good quality products such as the high end fashion products, leather goods and Germany’s traditional costumes is available at independent designer outlets and boutiques located at the upmarket Königsalle shopping district for those tourists looking for Germany’s various locally manufactured quality products.

Dusseldorf is the home of many art galleries, theatres, concert halls and museums. The finest art collections of Germany’s history as well as the modern art collections are exhibited at these museums, art galleries, theaters and concert halls. Due to the needs of a commercial hub, new tastes and ravages of World War II, the combination of both new and old architecture is clearly visible all the way through the Dusseldorf City. While many of nearby attraction/places to see near the Dusseldorf Airport can be visited free of charge, entrance fee is also charged at some of the places. The Dusseldorf Welcome Card is necessary for those tourists seeking discounts on entrance fees. For a limited time period, the tourists with Dusseldorf Welcome Card also become entitled to free trips on all buses and trams all the way through the Dusseldorf City. The limited time period for free trips can be of a day, three days or a longer period depending upon the card that a tourist may purchase. Located in the Dusseldorf City Centre, Düsseldorf Tourist Association or Verkehrsverein Düsseldorf is the place where tourists can easily purchase the Dusseldorf Welcome Card.

The Old Town or Altstadt is considered to be the highly ranked among the nearby attraction/places to see near the Dusseldorf Airport. The Old Town or Altstadt is famous to be known as the ‘longest bar in the world’. By visiting this part of Dusseldorf City, the tourists can enjoy hundreds of nightclubs, cafes, wine bars, bistros and bars.

Landmarks like the old Rathaus (City Hall) and the Basilica St Lambertus are also located in the Old Town. The more cultural heritage and contemplation along with Germany’s brewing skills are showcased at these two tourist attractions of Dusseldorf.

The revolving restaurant at the Rhine Tower or Rheinturm offers a sophisticated dining experience. The views of Dusseldorf attractions available at this revolving restaurant are magnificent. Two more attractions of Dusseldorf the Aquazoo and the Loebbecke-Museum are widely famous among tourists of all ages. In 80 aquariums, over 550 species of insects, fish, reptiles and mammals are exhibited at the Aquazoo. The tropical greenhouse offers sometimes scary and many interesting exhibits of natural history. A special family day out can be enjoyed at the amusement park or Nordpark.

The “Hop on Hop Off City Tour Buses” offers sightseeing tours, which can prove to be the best way to explore the Dusseldorf tourist attractions and the Dusseldorf City itself. From the main train station, the tour buses start their sightseeing tours and stop at 8 points along the Rhine.