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Thursday 26 May 2016
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Dusseldorf Airport
Welcome to our unofficial airport guide where you will find everything you need for a stress free journey.

Dusseldorf Airport Departures

Dusseldorf Airport is locally called Rhein-Ruhr Airport as it is the main airport for the region which is stretched between the two rivers, Rhein and Ruhr. The Dusseldorf Airport is 3rd among the Germany’s largest airport and 20th among the Europe’s busiest airport. At the Dusseldorf Airport, more than 70 domestic and international airlines operate.In a short period of time the passengers can reach the Dusseldorf Airport by using services of car hire companies located at city centre and also on the airport. Moreover, other affordable transportation options include buses, taxis, metro and underground trains.

Once the passengers have reached departures area at the Dusseldorf Airport, they can go straight to the counters for check-in or relax at comfortable lounges and enjoy the amenities available at the departures area prior to boarding. Lufthansa’s Senator Lounge and Lufthansa’s Business Lounge usually cater for business travelers at the Terminal A. The Hugo Junker Lounge, the Air France lounge and the British Airways Terrace Lounge are offered at Terminal B. The facilities of the Emirates Lounge, the Open Sky Lounge and the Airberlin Lounge are available for passengers at Terminal C.

At Dusseldorf Airport, the meeting rooms, conference rooms and business lounges are available to fulfill the last minute requirements for business travelers. At departures area, there are several ATMs and two banks which fulfill the cash requirements at the last moment. The passengers can also visit the restaurants and snack bars in the terminal. The baby change tables can be found in the restrooms of departures area at Dusseldorf Airport.

At least 90 minutes Check-in prior to the scheduled flight is recommended at Dusseldorf Airport. All over the terminals, various flight schedule stations and the departure desk clearly display the information regarding the departure time of flights. Moreover, the passengers can also check the flight departure status and other necessary information online by just clicking on their flight number.

Airliner Flight Destination Status Sched.
Air France AF 1607 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:05
Jet Airways (India) 9W 6855 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:05
Alitalia AZ 2885 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:05
Delta Air Lines DL 8284 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:05
Air Seychelles HM 5757 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:05
Eurowings EW 1504 Bilbao (BIO) En Route (Delayed) 12:05
Air Berlin AB 8824 Naples (NAP) Landed 12:05
Finnair AY 5349 Naples (NAP) Landed 12:05
Alitalia AZ 7186 Naples (NAP) Landed 12:05
Etihad Airways EY 1990 Naples (NAP) Landed 12:05
Eurowings EW 1586 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Scheduled 12:05
Iberia IB 3141 Madrid (MAD) En Route (Delayed) 12:05
American Airlines AA 8671 Madrid (MAD) En Route (Delayed) 12:05
Air Berlin AB 5350 Madrid (MAD) En Route (Delayed) 12:05
TAM Linhas Aereas JJ 8623 Madrid (MAD) En Route (Delayed) 12:05
Air Berlin AB 2410 Terceira Island (TER) En Route (Delayed) 12:15
Air Berlin AB 6033 Munich (MUC) Landed 12:20
Air Serbia JU 8362 Munich (MUC) Landed 12:20
Air Berlin AB 8330 Nice (NCE) Landed 12:20
Air Serbia JU 8996 Nice (NCE) Landed 12:20
Air Berlin AB 8880 Florence (FLR) En Route 12:20
Finnair AY 5195 Florence (FLR) En Route 12:20
Finnair AY 5299 Florence (FLR) En Route 12:20
Alitalia AZ 7151 Florence (FLR) En Route 12:20
Etihad Airways EY 1932 Florence (FLR) En Route 12:20
Air Serbia JU 9030 Florence (FLR) En Route 12:20
TUIfly X3 2116 Fuerteventura (FUE) En Route 12:20
KLM KL 1856 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 12:25
Jet Airways (India) 9W 8580 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 12:25
Alitalia AZ 2949 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 12:25
Delta Air Lines DL 9441 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 12:25
Garuda Indonesia GA 9245 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 12:25
Xiamen Airlines MF 9664 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 12:25
TUIfly X3 2118 Tenerife (TFS) En Route (Delayed) 12:30
Germania ST 1634 Fuerteventura (FUE) En Route (Delayed) 12:35
Air Berlin AB 6748 Hamburg (HAM) En Route 12:35
Alitalia AZ 5095 Hamburg (HAM) En Route 12:35
Germanwings 4U 9580 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Scheduled 12:45
Air Berlin AB 6440 Berlin tegel Otto Lilienthal (TXL) En Route (Delayed) 12:45
Air Baltic BT 5899 Berlin tegel Otto Lilienthal (TXL) En Route (Delayed) 12:45
Condor DE 68 Hurghada (HRG) En Route (Delayed) 12:45
Aegean Airlines A3 541 Thessaloniki (SKG) En Route (Delayed) 12:45
Condor DE 1456 Fuerteventura (FUE) En Route 12:45
Air Berlin AB 8436 Vienna Schwechat (VIE) Landed 12:45
Etihad Airways EY 1470 Vienna Schwechat (VIE) Landed 12:45
Air Serbia JU 8301 Vienna Schwechat (VIE) Landed 12:45
Germanwings 4U 9034 Hamburg (HAM) Landed 12:55
Lufthansa LH 5176 Hamburg (HAM) Landed 12:55
Air Berlin AB 8586 Zürich (ZRH) Landed 13:00
Etihad Airways EY 1586 Zürich (ZRH) Landed 13:00
Bulgaria Air FB 1670 Zürich (ZRH) Landed 13:00
Air Serbia JU 8288 Zürich (ZRH) Landed 13:00
Air Berlin AB 6776 Nürnberg (NUE) En Route (Delayed) 13:05
Finnair AY 5277 Nürnberg (NUE) En Route (Delayed) 13:05
Alitalia AZ 3082 Nürnberg (NUE) En Route (Delayed) 13:05
British Airways BA 7538 Nürnberg (NUE) En Route (Delayed) 13:05
Air Berlin AB 6806 Dresden (DRS) En Route (Delayed) 13:05
Air Serbia JU 8346 Dresden (DRS) En Route (Delayed) 13:05
Air Berlin AB 8786 Catania (CTA) En Route 13:05
Finnair AY 5307 Catania (CTA) En Route 13:05
Alitalia AZ 7147 Catania (CTA) En Route 13:05
Etihad Airways EY 1938 Catania (CTA) En Route 13:05
Air Berlin AB 6838 Stuttgart (STR) Landed 13:05
Finnair AY 5339 Stuttgart (STR) Landed 13:05
Air Berlin AB 2138 Fuerteventura (FUE) En Route (Delayed) 13:05
Air Berlin AB 6882 Westerland (GWT) En Route (Delayed) 13:10
Turkish Airlines TK 1526 Istanbul-Atatürk (IST) En Route 13:10
Lufthansa LH 408 Newark (EWR) En Route 13:15
Air Canada AC 9445 Newark (EWR) En Route 13:15
United Airlines UA 9257 Newark (EWR) En Route 13:15
Germanwings 4U 9750 Vienna Schwechat (VIE) En Route (Delayed) 13:15
Lufthansa LH 5050 Vienna Schwechat (VIE) En Route (Delayed) 13:15
Austrian OS 8778 Vienna Schwechat (VIE) En Route (Delayed) 13:15
Germania ST 2328 Porto Santo (PXO) En Route 13:20
TAP Portugal TP 541 Lisbon (LIS) En Route (Delayed) 13:20
Etihad Airways EY 5827 Lisbon (LIS) En Route (Delayed) 13:20
Air Berlin AB 7430 Los Angeles (LAX) En Route 13:20
American Airlines AA 8065 Los Angeles (LAX) En Route 13:20
Etihad Airways EY 1620 Los Angeles (LAX) En Route 13:20
Condor DE 1414 Funchal (FNC) En Route 13:25
Cathay Pacific CX 376 Hongkong (HKG) En Route 13:25
British Airways BA 3274 London City (LCY) En Route 13:25
Lufthansa LH 2011 Munich (MUC) En Route 13:30
Air Canada AC 9480 Munich (MUC) En Route 13:30
SAS SK 626 Copenhagen (CPH) Cancelled 13:30
Icelandair FI 7404 Copenhagen (CPH) Cancelled 13:30
Germanwings 4U 9764 Zürich (ZRH) En Route 13:30
Lufthansa LH 5156 Zürich (ZRH) En Route 13:30
SWISS LX 3017 Zürich (ZRH) En Route 13:30
Air Berlin AB 7472 Boston (BOS) En Route (Delayed) 13:50
Etihad Airways EY 1564 Boston (BOS) En Route (Delayed) 13:50
Air Berlin AB 2646 Funchal (FNC) Scheduled 13:50
Etihad Airways EY 1810 Funchal (FNC) Scheduled 13:50
British Airways BA 939 Heathrow (LHR) Scheduled 13:50
American Airlines AA 6513 Heathrow (LHR) Scheduled 13:50
Cathay Pacific CX 7158 Heathrow (LHR) Scheduled 13:50
Pegasus PC 304 Istanbul (SAW) Scheduled 14:05
Air Berlin AB 4754 Istanbul (SAW) Scheduled 14:05
Lufthansa LH 81 Frankfurt (FRA) Scheduled 14:25
Air Canada AC 9122 Frankfurt (FRA) Scheduled 14:25
Air India AI 8844 Frankfurt (FRA) Scheduled 14:25
Air China CA 6032 Frankfurt (FRA) Scheduled 14:25
ANA NH 6064 Frankfurt (FRA) Scheduled 14:25
Croatia Airlines OU 5417 Frankfurt (FRA) Scheduled 14:25
South African Airways SA 7503 Frankfurt (FRA) Scheduled 14:25
United Airlines UA 8979 Frankfurt (FRA) Scheduled 14:25
FlexFlight W2 1206 Antalya (AYT) Scheduled 14:30
SunExpress XQ 181 Antalya (AYT) Scheduled 14:30
Germanwings 4U 9810 Venice (VCE) Scheduled 14:35
KLM KL 1858 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Scheduled 14:35
Jet Airways (India) 9W 8581 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Scheduled 14:35
Alitalia AZ 2907 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Scheduled 14:35
Delta Air Lines DL 9442 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Scheduled 14:35
Garuda Indonesia GA 9217 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Scheduled 14:35
Xiamen Airlines MF 9666 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Scheduled 14:35
Air Europa UX 3754 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Scheduled 14:35
Turkish Airlines TK 1534 Istanbul (SAW) Scheduled (Delayed) 14:40
Aeroflot SU 2153 Moskau (SVO) Scheduled 14:40
Air Berlin AB 8588 Zürich (ZRH) Scheduled 14:40
Etihad Airways EY 1440 Zürich (ZRH) Scheduled 14:40
SunExpress XQ 959 Izmir Adnan Menderes (ADB) Scheduled 14:45
Eurowings EW 1344 Manchester (MAN) Scheduled 14:50
Air France AF 1507 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled 14:50
Jet Airways (India) 9W 6856 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled 14:50
Alitalia AZ 2887 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled 14:50
Air Seychelles HM 5737 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled 14:50
JAL JL 5336 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled 14:50
China Eastern Airlines MU 4970 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled 14:50
Air Austral UU 8507 Paris CDG (CDG) Scheduled 14:50
SWISS LX 1019 Zürich (ZRH) Scheduled 14:50
Lufthansa LH 5796 Zürich (ZRH) Scheduled 14:50
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